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I found your facility to be wonderful.  We are glad we chose to purchase our puppy from you guys.  It became very obvious that these dogs meant a great deal to you, and you made efforts to ensure they went to good homes.

The outdoor runs were clean and large...there was ample indoor and outdoor area with the indoor area being heated, and the dogs allowed to run in and out at will.  The dogs themselves were clean...clear eyed and energetic.  They were very also friendly and greeted us when we arrived..

The two runs in the basement were clean and large as well.  Food was kept in a dry, clean storage area.  The mother of our pup is a loving and secure dog....she hopped right into my lap when we first met.  Clearly she is well cared for and treated with loving respect.

The pup we got from you guys is great....he is healthy and strong....especially his LUNGS and his TEETH.  He is a bold puppy with a very confident manner.  He was boarded recently at our vets and everyone there fell in LOVE with him.
Our vet found him to be in great shape.  We are looking forward to Mitch being an active member of our family for many years to come.

Kris & Lynn
River Falls, WI


Carlee & Tom,

Our youngest child Minnie Soda Star “Minnie” is doing just great.  Our veterinarian says we should rename her T.C., for Too-Cute, and claims she is a fabulous representation of her breed.

We are all adapting well as a family, as Minnie continues to acquire her unique personality.  She is bright and energetic, and has made new friendships with the neighborhood dogs.  Some of her favorite activities are playing keep-away with a Golden Retriever, jumping into a tub full of bath water and chewing on her squeaky toys (fortunately, no household chewing disasters yet!).

We have continued using the Beneful food you started the puppies on, and with great results.  A retired Purina specialist who lives in our neighborhood is so impressed with her stature and coat that he mentions it with each visit.  He claims she is PERFECT.

Jamie is going to be taking Minnie to obedience classes beginning in September, so we can all grow to understand each other better.  The girls are looking forward to begin chasing a few pheasants this fall, as our local populations are in good shape.  We’ll probably be shooting with just the camera this first year, though.

We hope to stop by and see you the next time we are in your vicinity!


Mike, Laurie, Jessie & Jamie Byrnes (and Minnie, too)

The attached photo was taken several weeks ago in Ottertail County, Minnesota.

Hi Carlee & Tom,
Remember me?  I used to be called Peanut but now the people who live with me has a bunch of nice grandkids who renamed me " Maggie " I don't know why,  they just said I looked like a Maggie, anyhow I don't care what they call me, as long as they don't forget to call me for treats.

I am having a great time growing up and learning new things like chasing the cat who tolerates me but, hisses a lot when I try to play with her, I don't know what her problem is but, I think she will come around. 

The big fenced back yard I play in is fun to explore, I found a mud puddle today and had to have my feet washed before coming back into the house.  I have learned to fetch the tennis ball that Dennis throws for me, each time I bring it back to him and don't try to run away when he asks for it, I get a treat, What Fun.  He's a bore though as he only does it for a few minutes at a time so as not to have me lose interest.  What's he thinking?  I almost caught a dove this morning that was feeding on the ground, tomorrow I'll be a little faster and maybe be able to catch him.  I think when I grow up Dennis plans on taking me on a pheasant hunt, don't know what that's all about but, I hear him talking to Claudia about that a lot. 

Got to run as its time for my backyard patrol.  I have been busy patrolling the fence line around the back yard looking for an opening into the garden area, there is a lot of mud there, looks nice.  I will be getting another of those shots this Friday and that will be the last of them for a year, I always get a treat from that nice lady at the vets when up on the table, then I feel a pinch on my back glad that's over with.

Dennis Hibdon & Family

He is a very good looking springer, that’s for sure. We have had him down at our lake cabin a few times and he sure does like the water. The very first time we had him there he was jumping off of the dock. He’s got the basic commands down and loves to retrieve. He’s doing great and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks again for the great dog!

Jared Schillinger


Hi there -
I thought I would send a quick little update on Scooter or now Kota Girl.
She has been such fun to have.  The kids love her so much.  But dad is the
biggest sucker for her.
My 12 year old son, Jake, can hardly wait to get her out in the field.
She get so excited when she sees the geese fly over hear.  It is so fun to
I have attached a couple of picture from this summer.  We even took her on our family trip to Canada for a week.
I will send pictures when we get her in the field!
The Robertsons
Becker, MN