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Samantha Jo T Miller, or as she is better know as "Sammy ".  Sammy is a tri-color.  She is mostly black and white with a little tan on her checks, eye brows, and under her ears.  We get a lot of compliments on her looks.  A very pretty face.  Sammy is also a large springer and has earned the nickname of "Moose".

Sammy Jo suffers from what we call A.D.S..  Yes, that's Attention Deficit Syndrome.  Because if she is not getting attention from you, she has a problem.  If you stop petting her, you get, "The Look".  It says start petting me again now!  As long as at least one finger is scratching her, she is fine.  Her favorite place to be is in someone's lap.  Sammy is equal opportunity.  Anyone can & should pet her.

Sammy has had two litters of puppies.  She hooked up with Prince Leo both times.  She had a litters of 10 and 13.  With lots of tri-color puppies.  Mostly with roan markings.  That is where one color blends in with the next one.  See a picture of Annie to the right.  Annie is a pup out of her first litter.  Both litters sold out in only 4 weeks.  She appeared to love being a mother.  She would even try and help out Laci & Luie when they had their litters.  Due to health issues she has been retired from having puppies.

Sammy was born on June 11th, 2004.


Sammy Jo's favorite spot is to be in Tom's lap and getting her belly rubbed.


This is one of Sammy's puppies, Annie.


Sammy is ready to explode with puppies!
She had 13 in her 2nd litter!