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References for Springers Forever, formerly Carlee's Critters.
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Our Veterinarian:
Shirley Kittleson, D.V.M.
Goldmount Veterinary Center, 865 70th Street, Sherburn, MN 56171

Springer Owners:

Tom & Rose Hovick
Owner of “Thor” a Black/White male and the sire of Luie’s 2nd litter.
Tom also kept a male from this litter named ”Mygni” (means son of Thor).

Tim & Tess Diepenbrock
Owner of “Cash” a Liver/White male from Luie’s 1st litter.  Chester is the sire.  He is also the sire of Laci & Samatha Jo.  He is a Black/White/Tan tri-colored male.

Chad Draeger
Owner of “Laci” a Liver/White female from Laci’s 2nd litter.  Prince Leo was the sire.
Laci was named for her mother.