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Please read this page carefully before purchasing a puppy.  It will be understood that when a buyer places a deposit on their puppy, that you have read and understand all of the terms & conditions and have agreed to them.  Any questions or clarifications, please feel free to ask!

Pricing Males ~ Liver & White or Black & White $800.00, Tri-color $900.00
Females ~ Liver & White or Black & White $850.00, Tri-color $950.00
Deposits are $250.00, and are non-re-fundable, if you decide not to take a puppy
Springers Forever does accept deposits on any upcoming litters.  You will receive the pick of the litter in order that the deposits are received.  First deposit will receive the first pick, the second deposit received will receive the second pick and so on.  Ties will be broken by the post mark date.


Limited Registration ~ All of our AKC registered puppies are sold with a "Limited Registration".  This means that your dog can be registered.  If you are not going to be breeding your dog then the "Limited Registration" will not affect you at all.

If you plan on breeding your dog then Springers Forever will require you to have both, the sire & the dam, to have their hips checked for Hip Dysplasia, and receive at least a passing grade of "Good".  You will receive a certificate from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA)  When copies of both of the certificates or their O.F.A. number is provided to us, then we will then sign off, and give you full registration rights.  If you have a litter of puppies with out Springers Forever signing off, and having your dog fully registered first, then those puppies will not be able to be registered. Plan ahead.

If you are planning on breeding your dog someday, then a hip check for Dysplasia is something that you would want to do anyway.  Springers Forever has went with this policy to help eliminate Hip Dysplasia in the breed.

If you would like to bred your dog, then you will need to get your dog fully registered.  Springers Forever charges a additional fee of $500 for this upgrade. 

Affected Hips

Normal Hips


Hip dysplasia
is a disease that, in its more severe form, can eventually cause crippling lameness and painful arthritis of the joints. It is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It can be found in many animals and occasionally in humans, but is most commonly associated with dogs, and is common in many dog breeds, particularly the larger breeds.  Hip dysplasia is one of the most studied veterinary conditions in dogs, and the most common single cause of arthritis of the hips.  It can cause a shortened life expectancy for dog that are affected by it.  As the pain form the arthritis gets worse the dog can become lame and snippy and have to be put down by the owners.

Health Guarantee ~ Puppies are 1st wormed at 4 weeks of age, then every two weeks till they are 16 weeks old.  Tails and dew claws are removed at 3 - 5 days of age by our vet.  Puppies are given an overall vet check and 1st puppy booster at 6 weeks of age by our vet before placement. They are held 24 - 48 hours before placement to ensure no allergies or reactions to shots occur. With a clean bill of health and current vet records, the puppies are then ready to be placed into your home.

Springers Forever guarantees all puppies 1 year from their date of birth.  This guarantee covers any diseases due to genetic defects or chronic illnesses (this means a long ongoing problem, several months, not something over a few weeks time).  This guarantee does not cover viral or bacteria infections after 7 days of receiving your puppy.  Springers Forever requires you to take your new puppy to a veterinarian of your choice within 72 hours (3 business days) of receiving your puppy and get their approval as to the overall condition of your puppy.  This guarantee will be null and void if documented and/or verified veterinarian visits and records are not maintained.

Springers Forever does not guarantee against Hip Dysplasia.

Springers Forever will not be responsible for any vet bill unless we approve the treatment 1st.

Springers Forever reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of our choice, at our expense if, in the rare occurrence, any claims are made against us under the terms of this contract.  You must provide Springers Forever with any vet records, test results and x-rays that have been done to date on the puppy in question.  This guarantee will be null and void if your puppy is bred (male or female) before it's first birthday (12 months of age).  Springers Forever is not responsible for the health of any offspring of this puppy, if you chose to breed him or her.

You understand Springers Forever will not be held responsible for any of your vet bills after your first 72 hours if something happens with your puppy.  Pet ownership can sometimes mean unexpected expenses, Springers Forever does all we can to ensure you a healthy puppy at time of delivery, however puppies are live beings and need proper vet care and exams until at least 6 months of age, and until all puppy vaccines are finished.  Then a minimum of a yearly visit to a vet.  You, the buyer, understands that when a puppy changes homes, this is a very stressful time.  As a result any number of things can happen due to this stress, such as hair lose, colds much like kennel cough, loose or runny stools to the point of diarrhea, among other things.  In most cases this is a result of making the change to a new home and new food, new water, and missing their litter mates and mother.  Springers Forever will not be held responsible for any vet bills incurred to you due to the purchase of our puppies past our 72 hour required vet check.  If for some reason your vet does not clear your puppy's health, you are required to contact us to return the puppy within 48 hours of your first vet exam at your expense.  We do our best to ensure you receive a healthy puppy, but stress can affect puppies and dogs in many ways just as it does in humans.  Please keep this in mind when taking your new puppy to its new home.  It is best not to take it out and about for social visits until it has been settled into your home.  It is not advised by Springers Forever or our veterinarians that you take your puppy into any public venues until it has received all its puppy boosters.

In the rare occurrence that something would happen to your puppy before the 1 year is up (under the terms of this contract), we would replace the puppy at no cost to you, with one of equal value (sex, color, and markings).  Your puppy must be returned to us with the original AKC registration papers when replacement is given. ~ No returned AKC papers ~ No replacement puppy.

In the rare occurrence of the death of your puppy, we require an autopsy be performed by a licensed vet at your cost to determine the exact cause of the death of your puppy.  If the death is due to a genetic defect your puppy will be replaced with one of equal value (sex, color, markings).  The original registration papers must be returned before replacement is given.  If we were unable to replace the puppy in a timely fashion (approximately 6 months time is considered a timely fashion due to the breeding cycles of females) then we would refund the original purchase price of the puppy only; after the return of all appropriate documentation (vet records, x-rays, etc...) and the original regrestration papers this will not include any shipping, vet bills, or other expenses incurred by you, the puppy buyer.

Deposit Terms & Information ~  Springers Forever reserves the right to refuse anyone the option of purchasing a puppy if we feel the placement is not the best for one of our puppies.  To choose and hold the puppy of your choice, a $500.00 non-refundable deposit must be received to reserve the puppy of your choice, or the order in which you will pick in the case of an un-born litter.

A puppy will not be on "hold" longer than 48 hours with out a deposit.  The puppy will be open for anyone after that time with out notice to you.  It is your responsibility to get your deposit sent in on time.

If two people are interested in the same puppy at the same time, then it will be a first come, first served situation.  Deposits can be e-mailed instantly using PayPal.  Payments maybe sent to the email address of if using PayPal.  If you choose to use PayPal, please add a $3.00 per every $100 convenience fee.  Example would be a $250 deposit using PayPal, you would send $257.50.  A full payment of $800 would be $824.00.  Basically it covers our cost for using PayPal.

Your deposit must include your name, address, a phone number, and e-mail address.   We do not accept credit cards.  We do however accept cash, personal checks, PayPal, bank or cashiers checks, as well as Postal Money Orders, Western Union or Wal-Mart Money Grams.

All puppies must be paid for in full at the time of delivery or by 8 weeks of age.  If your puppy is not paid for in full then your deposit will be forfeited and your puppy will be placed for sale.  No exceptions will be made. 

Age To Take Home ~ Your puppy must be picked up between 6 - 8 weeks of age unless other arrangements are made at the time you place your deposit on your puppy of choice.  If your puppy is kept by Springers Forever longer than 8 weeks of age, Springers Forever reserves the right to charge you an additional boarding fee of $50.00 per week to be paid in advance or your sale will become null and void, and your deposit will be forfeited.

When your puppy of choice can stay up to 90 days of age (puppy must be paid in full) under the terms of our boarding requirements, you will be required to pay for any age appropriate vaccinations, worming or any other things that are recommended by my vets due to the age of your puppy and it's growth stages (but not expenses due to my care or lack there of) when boarded.  The cost of these expenses are determined by my vet, and will be discussed with you in advance when the boarding arrangements are made and must be paid at that time in advance.

If the terms of boarding stated above are not adhered to and full payment of these costs are not paid in advance; then you understand that your puppy will then be replaced for sale and your deposit will be forfeited.  If you have a change in choice to another puppy not sold at time of pick-up your deposit may be applied to the new puppy and your first puppy will be placed for sale.

The only time a deposit will be refunded is if in the rare occurrence something may happen with your original choice of puppy in the opinion of Springers Forever, then you may choose another puppy or a refund of deposit.