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This page contains photos that our customers have sent us of their puppies!

Carlee & Tom,
            Hi, Its been a while. Gus and I have had a great first season SO FAR (we are not fair weather hunters).
The week before Christmas we were in Nebraska on a Pheasant, Prarie Chicken, and Grouse trip. We had two trips to South Dakota in Nov. and Dec. He did great!!  We saw a lot of birds. Gus is a great dog and an outstanding huntin buddy. I hope you enjoy the pictures
Thanks, PJ.
Gus is Gunner from Luie's 3rd litter.  Thor was the father.

Hello, hope all has been well. We wanted to send some pics of Leah♥ she's a happy girl!!
She's getting ready for the season, so loving and playful...and a tad naughty!!! But so beautiful and loved♥
I will send the pics in a few emails....they take so long to load otherwise!!!
XXOO the Rivera's

Leah is from Harley & Chewy's 4th litter.

Hi Tom & Carlee,
I must have something wrong in Carlee's email address. I sent one last week and it never went through.
Pumpkin and Snicker Snack (Otis and Oscar) are doing great!! It was their first birthday last week.
 They are so much fun. Otis (Pumpkin) is built like his dad. He is a big guy, about 52 pounds and is solid. He is a lover and likes to be on whoever's lap is available. He is a little shy around new people.
Oscar (Snicker Snack) is a busy little guy. He loves to play and thinks he is the boss of the world.
He likes to sit on Otis.  The two of them are together constantly chasing, wrestling or snuggling. They do not like to be apart.
We have had them to puppy kindergarten and basic obedience. Brian has been training them for hunting.
The boys took them to a pheasant farm last weekend and wanted to make sure you got a picture. They bought ten pheasants and the dogs found eleven. I guess they did great!! Oscar was a real machine, he didn't want to quit. They had to make him take a break. Otis did great too. He really springs through the fields. They went hunting again on Monday out by Willmar and got three more birds.  They were out again yesterday all day and came home exhausted. They love every minute of it and have learned quickly what is expected of them.
They are great dogs!!  Ann Ringgenberg

These 2 dogs are cousins.  Oscar is from Harley's 4th litter and Otis is from Luie's 4th litter and were born 4 days apart.

Tom & Carlee,
Thanks so much for the Springer stickers!  The boys just love them.  We were wondering if these were stickers of the all dogs that you guys have had.  I took Allie hunting today at the hunting preserve and she did pretty well.  Allie flushed five of the eight chuckers they put out.  I think she would have found the other three, but she got tired.  Allie is a little unsure of what to do when she locates the bird.  She likes to stand over the bird and bark at them instead of flushing them.  However, she was doing much better later in the day.  This was only her third time on birds so she is still learning.  Plus, I missed a couple of easy shots so I do not have room to criticize.   
Allie has been such a GREAT addition to our family and is a very loving dog.  She is very personable and has a great temperament.  Susie receives compliments on what a great looking dog she is whenever she takes Allie for a walk   We could not be more pleased.  Her are some pictures I thought you might enjoy, including some with here first bird.
Jay & Susie Shellberg                                                    Allie is Blizzard from Christie Jo's & Chewy's 2nd litter.

Hey Tom & Carlee,

Just wanted to send you some recent pictures of Syla.

We didn't make it down pheasant hunting this year (still bummed out).
But on the positive side 25 grouse were shot over Syla's head this year! The numbers were definitely up this year.

Take care

Ben Thompson                                 Syla is one of Laci's puppies and lives in Duluth, MN.