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This page contains photos that our customers have sent us of their puppies!

Hi There,
I was just thinking about you guys.  Patch is great!  The best part of my day is coming home to her.  She turns seven months tomorrow.  And as of tonight she weighs 32 pounds.  She is full of energy.  And loves big hunting!  Every night her and our cat our out in the back yard chasing months.  She is a sweet heart though.  Every Saturday morning we sleep in.  She crawls into my arms.  We are going to take her hunting in a few weeks or at least take her through the fields.  She's my little baby and I worry about her getting hurt on rocks.  So we will see what happens.  I attached some pictures.  I saw Carlee on Facebook and added her, I have a whole folder for Patch.  We take tons of pictures of her. Everything she does is soo cute!  Oh and she loves water, she has her very own pool.  Ryan is gone this weekend and I am greatly looking forward to a girls weekend!

Julia & Ryan Quandt   Wausau, WI                             Patches (Hershey) is from Laci & Chewbacca's 5th litter

By the way, Matt Werneke came to our cabin a couple of weeks ago with Benelli, and she played with Kensie (Elmo) and Bailey (Frosty) for over an hour.  It took them about five minutes to get acquainted, but they were then best friends.  We have a picture of the three dogs together that I will also send to you.

Bailey and Kensie are half sisters and Benelli, I believe, is a cousin.

I’ll be taking both dogs hunting this fall and will let you know how it goes.  They’re great dogs from our standpoint.  I was throwing the ball for Kensie in the backyard, and she started a behavior of bringing it to me and then when I would reach for the ball run away.  I scolded her and put her inside where she could see Bailey and me playing with the ball.  Bailey is not quite as enthusiastic about the game, but she would always bring it to my hand.  I went in, gave Bailey a treat and praise and took Kensie back out to retrieve.  She then brought the ball back to my hand every time.  I think she’s the smarter of the two, but it may just be her age.

One other quick story.  I mounted a projector at our porch at the cabin and have an 80 inch screen for it.  I was just trying it out, and there was a nature show on with a bear walking across the screen.  Kensie leaped at and hit the screen.  Marilynn thought it was funny, but I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  There is a big dent in the screen now.  Kensie has always liked watching television if there are animals in the picture and often goes up to it and tries to smell the screen.  Bailey pays no attention, but is doing a little shadow and light chasing I’m hoping she’ll get over.  I’ve just been trying to distract her when it starts.

Anyway, we couldn’t be happier with the dogs, and they are both easy to train and accommodate whatever you’re trying to do with them (they never growl, even when they’re eating and let you open and inspect whatever is the latest thing they have put in their mouth – Bailey has scored a couple of mice and a squirrel so far).

Hope all is well with you and Carlee and have been having a good summer.

Duane & Marilynn Paulson     Plymouth, MN
Bailey (Frosty) is a pup from Harley & Chewbacca's 3rd litter
Kensie (Elmo) is a pup from Laci & Chewbacca's 4th litter

Remember me my name used to be Remmy and now my new name is Sophie.  I just love my new parents Tania & Mike they brought me home back in November.  The very first week I was with Tania and Mike they went and visited my Grandma in the hospital.  After Grandma got out of the hospital she loves to take care of me during the day.  Grandma and Grandpa tell me I'm a great little hunt.  I don't even know what that means yet, but I like it because they give me tons of treats.  Grandpa tells me he is going to bring me hunting for Pheasants and Ducks this fall with Dad and Grandpa.  I'm really excited for that because I have been practicing with some pheasant dummies and ducks.
Carlee & Tom just wanted to say thanks for the great dog that you sold us.  Sophie is such a gem!  She loves running around the yard and walking in the mud in our pond.  When she comes back to the house she is all black from the mud so then she has to get hosed off right away so she does not bring the mud in the house.  I tell all my friends if they want to buy a Springer to go through you too.  The picture that is included in the email is the first week we brought Sophie home.  My Mom has Bone Cancer and I thought it would have been a great pick me up to show her the new puppy.  Will send some more recent pictures later.  I have not uploaded the pictures yet still on my card in the camera.  We went through obedience school and she was great.  The teacher always called on her to do the sit and stay.  When we first got Sophie we started right away with the training, such a blessing.  We had her potty trained in a few weeks.  She now rings a bell when she needs to go potty.
Tania & Mike Seykora    Mounds View, MN         Sophie (Remmy) is from Luie's 3rd litter

Mark, Michelle, Kyle, & Kaitlyn Johnson all belong to Georgia!
Georgia is a pup from Christie Jo & Chewbacca's 1st litter

Erik Pederson from Minneapolis, MN lives with Olive (Miss Piggy)
She is from Laci & Chewbacca's 4th litter

Juno gets her first bird!
We went up north hunting - not really expecting to much as she is so young yet, but she really did well.  Scott shot the bird on the fly and then couldn't find it but Juno found it and wasn't real sure what to do with it when she did.  Once he picked it up she wanted it then

She loves to be outside and knows Scott's hunting clothes from regular clothes.  She works

really hard.  Scott is really enjoying having a hunting buddy again.....
She has truly brought life back into our home.  We love her so much and are enjoying every minute with her.

Juno belongs to Scott & Tina Ebertowski from Pillager, MN

Juno was Lover Girl from Laci's 4th litter.  The "Chew Dog" is the sire.
He was only 8 months old when he got this grouse!


Tom & Carlee'
Today is a very proud moment in a father's life.

Shiloh flushed and retrieved her first bird!  This dog is just amazing to me.  She is a sure fit in our house.  She has only had maybe 4 hours in the field, and just over 6 months old.
What a treat to watch her work.  Tom hope you get in a little hunting time.  After some crops get out around here I think hunting will be good.  Hardly a start on harvest here.  Also a fine looking litter you have there now.  Good luck with them.  Steve & Deb
                                                    Shiloh is "Lady" from Christie Jo & Chewbacca's 1st litter.

Ashley is a 17 year old junior in high school.  She took her dog Jake out pheasant hunting by herself during MEA vacation.  She said Jake "wanted to go".  Jake flushed his 1st rooster and then Ashley shot her 1st rooster.  She then went out the next day and found a 6 week old kitten.  Some how we ended up with the kitten : (

Jake was "Kermit from Laci's 4th litter.  His dad is Chewy.


Tom and Carlee,
As promised I am enclosing the first pheasant of Pepe' Le Pew.  He is with my 11 year old nephew, Mitchel Paulson from Alexandria, who shot the bird. It was Mitchel's 1st bird as well.  Pepe' hunted with our four year old Springer this year.  My dad has had springers for 20 years and said "what a hunter!" He in no time was on birds and knew what to do.  He out hunted my four year old!  I am very pleased as he shows the signs of one great hunting dog.  He is strong and enthusiastic!  He wore me out!  Thanks for the opportunity to get this dog from you!

Sincerely,   Doug Paulson     St. Peter, MN

Pepe' Le Pew, goes by "Pepe" and was also know as "Buckshot" when he a pup from Luie's 4th litter.

October 16th, 2009 was a good day for Springers Forever!  We had 3 pups get their 1st bird all on the same day!  Jake, Pepe, and Shiloh put it all together on that Friday.  When Jake & Pepe retrieved their 1st bird, it was also the 1st bird for the shooter as well!  When Shiloh got his 1st bird he was only 6 months old!

This Brooks, she was retrieving a small stuffed pheasant dummy with scent on it at only 7 weeks old.
Here she is at 7 weeks old and proud as can be with a tail feather.
Brooks was called Carmel before she went home with Ryan Conley of Eagan, MN.  She is one of Luie's pup's.

Dexter's REAL First Bird
Dexter's Been working hard since the season opener in Minnesota.
He is learning and really getting the knack of finding roosters!
He has travelled in fields of west-central Minnesota, areas around Redwood Falls and around Aberdeen SD.  He is a champ!  Stays close, comes back or quarters on hand/arm signals and gets his entire back end wagging when the birds are present.  He will often whimper when the roosters are in close range in the thickest of cattails and bull rushes.
This particular rooster was taken when we went immediately back through some CRP grounds that we had just covered.  This rooster was hanging TIGHT in  a clump of cover and cackled loudly as he erupted from the grass right in front
of Dexter's nose.  Hunter actually hit this one and Dex was on it when it crashed.  He pinned it and had his feisty bird!
Hope all is well for your guys.    
Ron Monson

Dexter was Romeo from Laci & Chewbacca's 5th litter.  Dexter owns Ron Monson and they live in Minneapolis, MN.


Here are a couple pictures from Brooks’ first trip to SD. She did great. Her first retrieve was the kind of retrieve you get from a veteran dog. We jumped a group of birds while road hunting and I dropped one over some cattails. I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to find it, but we let the dogs out to look for our downed birds in hopes one of them could find it. Brooks went right into the cattails, along with my brother’s 4 year old Springer, and in about two minutes she came charging out of the cattails with a rooster in her mouth. She proudly dropped it at my feet and took off back into the cattails to try and find some more.
She had a lot of great flushes and retrieves on the trip; the cattail retrieve was a close second to her last retrieve of the trip. She flushed a big second year bird, which I winged and dropped. But it still had legs and it started to run thru a mowed field. Brooks quickly got on its tail and as she went to grab the bird it made one more attempt to fly away. It jumped up in the air and Brooks jumped right with it and grabbed it out of the air. She gave it a couple of instinctual shakes and proudly ran it back to me. It was by far the biggest bird she had seen and she had no problems with it, dead or alive. She showed some great natural abilities and has really become a great bird dog. When she sees her collar, a gun or anything blaze orange she immediately thinks it’s time to go hunting.
You’ll have a tail feather in the mail shortly.

Brooks was Caramel from Luie's 4th litter.