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This page contains photos that our customers have sent us of their puppies!

Jessie is a pup from Luie & Thor.  She belongs to Steve
Singerhouse in New Richmond, WI.

Carlos is a puppy from
Luie & Thor's 2nd litter.  He belongs to
Jill Lagasse in Hutchinson, MN.

We love Carlos, he is my Pride and Joy he has come a long way and so well behaved!  
He LOVES water and can not swim enough,  he was down at the river last night and was swimming....I gave him a warm bath when he got home I was worried he would get the shivers.  Then afterwards we sat under a blanket I read he slept.  He is truly a cuddlier!! 
He does give us laughs, when he turned 6 months I brought him in for neutering, he had to spend the night at the vet so I took him in on a Friday so I could pick him up when the Vet opened on Saturday.  After I dropped him off on Friday I got to work and had a voice message...the Dr called and said "we need your permission to give Carlos x-rays.  When we gave him his shot he throw up a pair of we need to make sure nothing else is in his stomach"  WHAT I called back and they all laughed...I'm a proud parent.  I decided to opt out on the pain meds and my only thought is that maybe I should have given him pain meds it may have calmed him down, it was soooo hard not having him run around the house jumping on and off the bed.
I've attached a couple of pictures  they have been from a couple of months but as far as size wise he is about the same.  He is a very good looking dog, i can not image my life with out him :)
Thank you!

Syla is doing great, boy is she birdie, except in the house when she is in cuddle mode, I love it.  We have taken quite a few grouse this year together!  We plan on traveling to Mankato for thanksgiving to see how she does with the roosters.  You canít keep her out of the water!  Lake Superior is her favorite place, we get her down there at least twice a week to ride the waves and run on the sand. Everything about the bird hunting came so natural to her, she stays close with her nose glue to the ground.  I still work with her daily on training we have quite a bit to teach each other still.  Fast isnít even the word for her, bike rides on the near by nature trails Iíll try to pedal faster than she can run but I donít think itís possible, (thatís even down hill and I am cruising)  She weighs in at 34 pounds her frame is full grown and she is filling out a little.  She will definitely be the small girl like we thought.

She was the littlest one in her litter and the toughest one too.  She backed down from no one.

Syla (Lexie) is a pup from Laci & Chewy
and is living in Duluth, MN with Ben Thompson.





We absolutely adore our Lily Lou... especially the boys.
She see's her brother Wily James quite often. They have gone bird hunting a few times together. 

Hope you guys have a great holiday! 

Kurt, Karlene, Jake, & Nicholas

We are so impressed with the pup, Shiloh. (aka Lady).
Deb has worked with her a lot while I am on the road all week.  She now can shake hands, right and left.  High five and high ten.  Speak, loud and whisper, sit, and roll over.  In the field she is retrieving a scented dummy from corn fields or weeds.  Her nose is great.  Next week Deb and her start obedience school.  Can't wait to see her in the field on real birds.

Some pictures I 'm sending are from the day we picked her up.  Then the same night at home retrieving her stuffed rooster at 6 weeks old!  Next two are from our fishing trip to Grand Rapids this summer.  She love the boat. She also loves crashing through the weeds. I believe this is the best dog I have worked with so far of our last 3 springers.  Very pleased.  Good luck with your next litters.  I'll be in touch as hunting starts next weekend.  Also Tom, have a great season.  Later, Steve & Deb Langer. Owatonna

P.S. Shiloh has retrieved 8 roosters and still counting, at 7 months of age!!!
Shiloh (Lady) is a pup from Christie Jo & Chewbacca's 1st litter.

Thought I would give a quick update on his life - he is now 30 lbs and 8 months old & in obedience class, making the whole class laugh, at the way he misbehaves & lies down like a frog, with his back legs splayed out behind him when he doesn't want to follow through with a command!

At home he chases our dachshund un-relentlessly (she secretly loves it).  He is obsessively compulsive about the kids' blow up pool which he is forbidden to go in, but every time we turn our backs he leaps in & "swims" until we catch him.  He has learned to "fly" into the water off any perch available.  He loves to retrieve his dummy, but will leave a tennis ball in the middle of the lake if a bird catches his attention.

We have been banned from walking him early in the morning (5 a.m.) because he howls & whines for every robin and chickadee in other's yards.  We had to rearrange our morning routine so that he could still have a morning walk but after the neighbors wake up!  We love him unconditionally and couldn't imagine a life without him. 

Greg & Becky Lee  Hibbing, MN

Tripp (Max) is a pup from Harley & Chewbacca's 3rd litter

Cindy Lou Who kept the name we gave her and is living in Willmar, MN
with Bill & Brenda Knofczynski and the kids Kyle & Kacy!
She belongs to Harley & Chewbacca's 3rd litter

We bought a puppy from you in May, 2008 and have been THRILLED with the love of our lives!  I had to write and tell you.... my husband, who wasn't my husband when we bought the puppy, had said that he really needed to think about whether he could marry me or not because he didn't want to, or wasn't used to living with dogs... and let me tell you - has his song and dance changed!

When we first got Shanahan he enjoyed her, but she wasn't "his" dog... well now the two of them are together constantly.  If we have to go out of town for some reason - he can hardly wait to get home to get the dog.  He can hardly wait for the morning when she jumps up on the bed to give us all the loving she can.  He loves to play ball with her - he loves when she stands up and licks him all over and snuggles in for love and attention!  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the transition from "she isn't my dog - to I don't know what I'd do if something happened to her"...

Jim has on several occasion said that we should drive down and visit you so that you can see what a beautiful dog Shanahan is.  She isn't the best trained dog as she is very strong willed!  She does well at the dog training, but as soon as you walk out - its like she never learned a thing!  Her most favorite thing to do is - go and get coffee with Jim in the morning.  All she has to do is see you getting the keys for the car and she is jumping shoulder high and can hardly wait to get out of the door!  She absolutely LOVES going "bye-bye".... she would go with us every single time if we could take her!  Needless to say, she does get to go quite often!  The other thing - because she is so dearly adored I think its safe to say - she is spoiled rotten!!!!

Thank you for such a lovely animal - she is obviously the love of our lives!

Jim and Anne (Richards) Humphrey  Oakdale, MN      Shanahan (Fozzie Bear) is a pup from Laci & Chewbacca's 4th litter