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Luie's 6th Litter

Chewbacca (not our Chewy) &  Luie are the parents

Luie's 6th litter of puppies arrived on 3-30-12.
Luie had 9 pups.  7 boys & 2 girls!
1 male did not survive.
1 Liver/White female - 1 White/Black female
1 Black/White male - 1 White/Liver male
4 Liver/White males

We name our litters using a theme.
This litter we used famous comedy duos.
In the 1st row of photos the puppies are only a 4 days old.
In the 2nd row of photos the puppies are only 19 days old.
Click on any photo to enlarge it.
Liver/White Male
Lane & Krista Saari
from Plymouth, MN have a new Muppet in their lives!
Liver/White Male
Keith & Dana Bjorgan from Rogers, MN will be living with a Muppet also.  That has to be interesting.  
Liver/White Male
Ashley Hudson and Scott Peterson from Eagle Lake, MN will have a "chip" off the old block.  
Liver/White Male
Bill Bresin from Rogers, MN
will have a Chipmunk at his house.
Black/White Male
The new man in Michelle Edlin's life has big ears!
Mickey went home with Mork!
Black/White Female
Minnie will not be quiet as a mouse at the Michael & Marsha Womble home in Winona, MN.  
White/Liver Male
Mork went home with Micky!
Sounds like "Double the Trouble" in Jackson, MN.
Lance & Jodi Edlin now have 2 of our springers!  And their daughter Michelle has 1 her 1st.
Liver/White Female
Tom & Kim Kenning from St. Cloud, MN are going to have some "Na-Nu Na-Nu" going on in their lives.