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Luie's 5th Litter

Thor  &  Luie
are the parents

Luie's 5th litter of puppies arrived on 12-11-10.
Luie had 11 pups.  7 boys & 4 girls!
1 male did not survive.
3 Liver/White females - 1 White/Black female
4 Black/White males - 1 White/Black 2 male
1 Liver/White male (deceased)


Holly was sleeping like a baby in a manger during her photos

Luie & her puppies on 12-17-10
We name our litters using a theme.
This litter of course has to be a Christmas theme.
In the 1st row of photos the puppies are only a 4 days old.
The 2nd row of photos were taken on New Years Day and were 21 days old.
Click on any photo to enlarge it.
is a Liver & White Female
Robert & Kita Anderson from
Haskins, NE have a guardian Angel in their future.
They also owned the Great Grandparents to this litter.
So they are getting back their own bloodline.
Ho Ho Ho
is a Black & White Female
Maddie Hayden and her brother William are running around the house yelling
Ho, Ho, Ho!

This excitement is taking place in Burnsville, MN. 

is a Liver & White Female
Josh & Joni Apple who live in Alaska have waited a long time for puppy from us.
Holly will now be chasing Grizzly  bears. Lets just hope that she does not retrieve one also!
Jingle Bell
is a Black & White Male
Mark & Michelle Anfang are singing Jingle Bells where ever they go this Christmas season.
His new name will be "Richie" after Michelle's father Richie.

They also took Snowball home.
is a Black & White Male
Brian Chapman of East Troy, WI is going to turn Mistletoe into a Green Bay Packer fan.
is a Black & White Male
Zach Schmitz lives in Richmond, MN wishes everybody a very Merry Noel!
Sleigh bell
is a Black & White Male
Steve & Julie Sabot
along with Jordan, Emily
Jessica, & Austin are hearing Sleigh Bells where ever
they go!!!
is a White & Black Male
Mark & Michelle Anfang are ducking Snowballs this winter.
His new name will be "Charlie".

They also took his brother Jingle Bells home with them.
is a White & Black Male
is a Liver & White Female
Mike & Deb Andrew from Walnut, Il are going to have Tinsel running around their tree every Christmas from now on.