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Luie's 4th Litter

Luie has been paired up with one of our pups from
Samantha Jo's  2nd litter, that we raised and sold to
Tony & Dawn Perrine from Fairmont, MN.
"Chewbacca Millenium Falcon" or simply "Chewy"
actually has 4 colors, he is liver/black/white/tan tri-color
with roan markings, he is an excellent hunter and is a
brother (littermate) to our Harley.  This litter was  mixed in color.

Chewbacca Millenium Falcon     Luie

Luie's 4th litter of puppies arrived on October 14, 2009.
Luie had 10 pups.  6 boys & 4 girls!
2 Liver/White males, 1 White/Black male
1 White/Liver female, 2 Liver/White females
3 Black/White males,
1 Black/White female

Video    Watch Boo-rific in a video showing no respect to his pee pad!   Video

Luie and her new born litter on
their "Birthday"!

"Precious Moments"
"Cotton Candy" has just been made

2nd down & 8 to go!

Here's looking at you babe!

Can you say "Boo-rific"!

What flavor of "Bubble Gum" am I mom?
The above photos were taken will they were being born.
We name our litters using a theme.
While vacationing this September we spotted a billboard for a store called "Not Just Popcorn".
They advertized 285 flavors of popcorn!  We love popcorn so we stopped in.  We got to meet the owner
Carole Buck, and she gave us the grand tour.  We left with lots of popcorn.
Carlee thought that it would be great to name a litter of puppies using Carole's list of popcorn flavors.
You can visit their web site at and order on line.  Enjoy!!!
In the 1st row of photos the puppies are only a 1 day old.
In the 2nd row of photos the puppies are 15 days old.
In the 3rd row of photos the puppies are 35 days old.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.
is a Black/White male
Kristin & Bobby Pfauth, from Eaton Rapids, MI, have got a new play pal for their husky, Abby.  Boo-rific whose new name is "Parker" will also be a Therapy Dog just like Abby.
Oh and hunt too!!!
Bubble Gum
is a Black/White male  
Jeff & Debbie Polcher from Hibbing, MN want ME!!!
My cousin Tripp lives just 1 1/2 blocks away.  Can't wait to play.
is a Liver/White female
Ryan Conley with the help of his girl friend Cassie have chosen Carmel.  Her new name will be "Brooks".
They will be living in Eagan, MN. 
Cotton Candy
is a Liver/White female
Rick and Pam Anderson live in Osceola, WI.  and so will I!
They love sweet things and that's ME!
is a White/Black male
Perry Thorgerson from St. Cloud, MN wants to take me hunt'n.  And I'm all for that!!!
is a White/Black male
Mitch & Cindy Austin from Waseca, MN are giving me a new home.   I will be called “Griffin”
(they will call me Griff). That is the last name their daughter will be taking next summer when she marries her fiancÚ.  I am going to toast those Waseca roosters!
Pina Colada
is a White/Liver female
Pina Colada is moving to Osceola, WI and will rule the house of  Mike and Amy Lee along with Garrett & Brianna will smother her with love.
And take her hunting! 
is a Liver/White male
Ben, Sarah, and Olivia Evans from Waverly, MN picked me.  I'm so Lucky.  I got word they have a cabin up north, and I'm going up there and put some
Rambo moves on those grouse! 
is a Black/White female
Lenny & Judy Rost from Alexandria, MN are taking Skittles home with them.
"Lighting" will be her new name.  She will be their 2nd
puppy from Springers Forever.
Their other girl was named "Thunder"
Snicker Snack
is a Liver/White male
Ann Ringgenberg is so lucky.
Her sons are buying their mother a springer pup.
Ann says Snicker Snack satisfies her sweet tooth!
Ann is so lucky.  Not only is she getting Snicker Snack from Luie's litter, Ann is also getting
her cousin Pumkin from Harley's litter.  Double the fun!
All this fun will be happening in Monticello, MN