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On February 8, 2008 Luie had 13 puppies!  A Good mix of Black/White & Liver/White, both boys & girls.

Luie and her puppies on Tuesday 2-12-2008

There has to be a rooster in here somewhere!
I can smell'em!

Luie on the day she gave birth
she was still chasing tennis balls!

Puppies need a lot of rest.
This photo was taken on 2-24-08

Click on any puppy photo to enlarge it.
1st row of photos the puppies are 2 days old
2nd row of photos the puppies are 16 days old
3rd row of photos the puppies are 35 days old



Black/White female

Anne has picked out Ashley for her mom Louise Albers from Sioux Falls, SD.  Her new name will be Chole.  Louise's new son-in-law-will be training & hunting behind her.

White/Liver Male

I am going home with Curt & Erin Folstad from Maple Grove, MN.  I will have a sister who is actually a 18 month old springer.  Oh yea, 5 human brothers as well.  I got a lot of playing to do!

Black/White male
I'm going home with
Jill Lagasse

Liver/White male
Cody is now Emmett.  He went home with Dave & Eillen Biebaum of Minneapolis, MN.
Emmett will be taking Dave on 2 walks a day!  And chasing everything that moves or swims at the cabin!

Black/White female
Frosty's new name will be Miah.  Tom, Jody, Logan, & Cole came down from Lake Crystal, MN and picked her out.

Liver/White female
Steve Singerhouse from New Richmond, WI. has chosen Kelly to be his new hunting buddy.  

Liver/White female
Ben Thompson's parents & sister came down to help him pick out his new "Best Friend".
Ben lives in Duluth, MN.

Liver/White female
I am going to live with the Tipka family in Lakeville, MN.
My new dad & Mom are Barry & Dee, my new brothers & sister are Jake, Josh, & Anne.

Black/White female

Nickie only lived for a few days.  We do feel her loss.

Lend Me A Pup

I will lend to you for a while, a English Springer Spaniel pup, God Said
For you to love her while she lives and mourn for her when she is
dead.  Maybe for twelve or fourteen years, or maybe two or three days.

But will you, 'till I call her back, take care of her for me.

She'll bring her charms to gladden you and (should her day be brief) you'll always have her memories as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise she will stay, since all from earth return
But there are lessons taught below I want this pup to learn.

I've looked the whole world over in search of teachers true
And from the folk that crowds life's land I hand chosen you.

Now will you give her all your love not think the labor vain,
Nor hate me when I come to take my dog back again.

I fancied that I heard them say " Dear Lord Thy Will Be Done",
For all the joys this spring day will bring, the risk of grief we'll run
We'll shelter her with tenderness we'll love her while we may,
And for the happiness we've known forever grateful stay
But should you call her back much sooner the we've planned
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand,
If, by our love, we've managed, your wishes to achieve
In memory of her we loved, to help us while we grieve,
When our faithful bundle departs this world a strife,
We'll have yet another springer and love her all her life.



Black/White male
Keith & Dana Bjorgan from
Rogers, MN
I have 2 Sisters and a Brother!!!

My new name is Gordy!

Black/White male
I 'm going to Hibbing, MN to be with Michael & Geri Patregnani, along with Michelle & Anthony.  They will be my new sister & brother.   His new name is Rudy, and of course since he is in Hibbing, MN, he'll grow up and play hockey..

Liver/White male

Magna will be Rusty's new name.  It is the Norse god "Magna", who is the son of "Thor".  And of course he actually is, the son of Thor.
Tom, Rose, & Zach Hovick from Ceylon, MN chose Rusty.  Rusty will be hunting with his father "Thor".  Tom's Dog Thor, is the sire to this litter.

White/Black male
It was my lucky day when I was picked out by the Mike, Kelly, & Sarah McCormick.
My new home is going to be in Eden Prairie, MN.