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On February 15th, 2009 Valentine Day weekend,
Laci & Chewbacca had 10 puppies,
all liver and white.  8 females and 2 males.
This is Laci's fifth litter.  Chewbacca is the sire.
These two Springers are our best pheasant hunters.

We let Laci out for a bathroom break
Sunday morning.  Instead of going to the nursery, she jumped in bed and cuddled
up with  Carlee.  10 minutes later she
had puppy #1.  It was Lover Boy.

On St. Patrick's Day the puppies are in a basket waiting to get their photos taken, wormed, & nails clipped.  Wouldn't this make a good jig-saw puzzle?

These two puppies had just been born minutes earlier.
Cutie Pie is on the left and Princess is on the right
All of our litters are named using a theme.
This litter was born Valentine Day weekend.
So of course we used the Valentine theme.


Click on any puppy photo to enlarge it.
1st row of photos the puppies are just hours old on 2-15-09
2nd row of photos were taken on 3-4-09 and are 18 days old
3rd row of photos was taken on 3-17-09 and are 34 days old

Chewy is being shown one of his puppies.
He acted like he's a
"love'm and leave'm" type.

Princess is still in her birth sack.

Laci's litter taken on 2-19-09.  5 days old.
Angel Face

Angel Face will be a very unique springer.  She will have white tips on both ears.  This will show up more as she grows.
Cutie Pie One look and Cutie Pie stole Julie Ann Kuehl's heart.  Julie is from Winnebago, MN.

Diamond Craig Brand and his girl friend Brittney are from Austin, MN.  Brittney has chosen Diamond for Craig.  Her new name will be Addy.

Hershey is the smallest one in the litter.  She is considered a runt.  She is a very dark liver.  And about half the size of her litter mates, but very healthy. 
Hershey will be giving kisses to Julia & Ryan Quandt in Wausau, WI.

Juliet Sandi & Pat Kennedy have picked out Juliet.  Her new name will be Shada, which is Celtic for "great nose".  She will be their 2nd puppy from us.
Kisses only lived 1 day.
She was a beautiful little girl.
She will be missed.

Lover Boy is 9 weeks old in these photos taken on April 19th.
Lover Boy

Lover Boy will look just like his father.  He has almost the same markings.  His dad's nick name is Lover Boy as well. 

Lover Girl Scott & Tina Ebertowski from Pillager, MN have chosen Lover Girl to be their Forever Girl.
Princess Princess will be the queen of the house at Adam & Jill Schneider's in Eagan, MN.
Romeo Romeo o' Romeo where art thou?  Romeo will be in Minneapolis, MN with Ron Monson.