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On March 26, 2008 Laci & Chewbacca had 10 puppies,
all liver and white.  7 females and 4 males.
This is Laci's forth litter.  Chewbacca is the sire.
These two Springers are our best pheasant hunters.

Laci and her puppies on April 9th.
Click on any puppy photo to enlarge it.
1st row of photos the puppies are 3 days old
2nd row of photos the puppies a 15 days old
They are just opening their eyes.
All of our litters are named using a theme.
This litter is named after the Muppets & Sesame Street!
Who is your favorite Muppet?


Video taken on April 9, 2008.

Liver/White female

The Beaker gal is going to Tom & Sharon Madden's laboratory to experiment with rooster chase'n.
Her new name is "Scooter".

The Count
Liver/White male
My Home with be with Roger Justin from St. Stephen, MN.  You can "Count" on this pup to find the roosters!  His new name is "Buckle".


Liver/White female

Duane & Marilynn Paulson of Plymouth, MN have chosen Elmo to be their new wild thing. 

They decided that her  new name would be "Kensie", before they even came to pick her up. Then they found out that "Kensie was born on Kenzie St.


Fozzie Bear
Liver/White female
Anne Richards & her special friend James have another special friend in their lives!  The "Fozz" aaaah  

Liver/White female

Curt & Melissa Straus and their two kids, Riley & Grace are from New London, MN.  Riley went GONZO when he learned that Gonzo was going to be his birthday present!  Her new name is "Belle".

Liver/White male

Ashley Behne from right here in Sherburn, MN got Kermit.  Kermit thinks that Roosters taste like frog legs.  Kermit's new name is "Jake".

Miss Piggy
Liver/White female
Erik Pederson from Minneapolis, MN has a blind date with a pig! 

Results are, that it was love on 1st sight.  Her new name is "Olive".

Oscar the Grouch
Liver/White male

My new home is going to be with Jared Schillinger from Fargo, ND.  We hope that he has a new garbage can waiting for Oscar.  His new name is "Duke".

Liver/White female

I will be SCOOT'N to my new home with Wayne & Sarah Robertson and their kids, Jacob, Jessica, & Joshua.  I'll keep them kids busy!

Jake & his buddy Scott came and picked up Scooter.  Her new name is "Dakota".