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Meet "Diamond Laci Lynn Mackel Hunter", she answers to "Laci".  She is named after Laci Peterson who along with her unborn son, was tragically murdered in California on Christmas Eve 2003.  She is liver & white in color.  Laci is long legged (a little taller than the average springer) and very energetic.  She is obsessed with our neighborhood squirrels.  Laci loves to run and hunt, she is also our best hunter.  At the same time she loves to lay in your lap and get her belly rubbed and according to Carlee, gives the best kisses!

She was born on May 11th, 2004.

Laci and Chewy's puppies have arrived.  They had 1 Girl and 2 boys.
Both parents have had their hips certified for Hip Dysplasia.



Laci is ready to explode with puppies.
We could place our hand on her tummy and
feel the puppies moving.  It's really cool!

This is Laci when she was a puppy,
she was so adorable!