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Harley's 8th Litter

Harley & Jake have gotten together to produce their 1st litter together.
They had 8 beautiful puppies that were born on January 23. 2015.

2 boys & 5 girls,
 1 White/Liver/Black Male, & 1 Black/White Male

1 Liver/White/Tan Female & 4 Black/White Females

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We name our litters using a theme.
This litter we used the cast of NCIS.
They get there bad guy, and these springers always get their Rooster!

This litter will be ready to go mid-March.

In the 1st row of photos the puppies are only 2 days old.
In the 2nd row of photos the puppies are 16 days old.
In the 3rd row of photos the puppies are 28 days old.

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We introduced all 12 puppies to food, at the same time.  You never have to show a puppy what it's for.  And they have NO MANNERS!
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Black/White Female

I'm going Onamia, MN and go fishing with Brian and Kim Gruba.  One of our other pups, Charlie, lives right next door.  How cool is that? 
Liver/White/Tan Female
Bishop will be sleeping in Sleepy Eye, MN.
When she not sleeping she will be running around the Corey Huirus home.
Black/White Male
"Keep On Trucking"
Ken Twiddy and Ducky
will be based out of
Burnsville, NC
White/Liver/Black Male

Black/White Female

Kate will be hanging out with Jennifer Mlaskoch and her son, Taylor in St. Paul, MN
Black/White Female

Ziva is going to
Zimmerman, MN to be with
the Mike Sinna family!