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Harley's 7th Litter

 Harley &
River have gotten together to produce their 1st litter together.
They had 7 beautiful puppies that were born on March 8, 2013.

4 boys & 3 girls,
 1 Liver/White Male, 1 White/Black Male

2 Black/White Males,
3 Black/White Females

Click on any photo to enlarge it.
We name our litters using a theme.
Spring is getting close.  We really want to get our bikes out of storage.
So being Mom's name is Harley, we used a Harley Davidson Theme.

This litter will be ready to go the weekend of April 20th.

In the 1st row of photos the puppies are only 2 days old.
In the 2nd row of photos the puppies are 16 days old.
In the 3rd row of photos the puppies are 31 days old.
Click on any photo to enlarge it!

Road King is the only pup left from this litter!

Black/White Male
Mike Dahl and family from Stillwater, MN
Liver/White Male

Sean & Sarah Hary from
Zimmerman, MN
Dyna Wide Glide
Black/White Female

Davis Wetzel from Wells, MN
is getting himself a puppy!


Fat Boy
Black/White Male
Dan Case from
Apple Valley, MN
Road King
White/Black Male

Nathan Johnson and family
from Cooperstown, ND
Soft Tail
Black/White Female

Ryan List and family from Yankton, SD
Black/White Female

Justin Williamson & Family
from right here in