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Meet "Harley Marie Hunter", she answers to "Harley".  We know that Harley is a strange name for a girl, but it was supposed to be a temporary name.  However it became apparent to us that she was a special little girl because of her markings.  She had 4 different colors, plus she has what is called "roan" markings.  That is when one color blends into the next instead of a sudden change from one color to the next.  She is a beautiful dog.

Her mother is our Samantha Jo and her father is Prince Leo.

She was born on July 5, 2006.

Harley's 1st Litter         Harley's 2nd Litter
Harley's 3rd Litter
        Harley's 4th Litter
Harley's 5th Litter     Harley's 6th Litter
Harley's 7th Litter    
Harley's 8th Litter
Harley is retired.


This is Harley running around at our park.
The large black/white/tan tri-color with her
is her mother Samantha Jo

This is Harley when she was a puppy,
she has four colors!  She is a Tri-color with Roan Markings.  Some people refer to it as "Sable".