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Springers Forever has a coloring book for any young or old springer lovers!   

You may download or print the entire 12 page coloring book or
download or print any single page from our coloring book.
You may then color any or all of the pages and send them to Springers Forever,
either by regular mail or by email.
Include your name, age, your mailing address,
how many dogs you have, what kinds, and their names.
All entries will receive a prize in the mail.
We will post as many entries as we can on our website for everyone to see.
Blank Coloring pages!!!


Our most recent entries will be posted here.

Click on any entry to enlarge it!
Josie Jorgensen ~ age 4

Bella Fitzgerald ~ age 7

Madison Lyon ~ age 7

Milo and Oliver Swanson ~ age 6 and 2
Tavoe Jewison ~ age 7


Brady Olson ~ age 9
Liz Magler ~ age 11
Liz Magler ~ age 11
Sophia Olson ~ age 2
Paige Olson - age 11
Ben Musky ~ age 7 months
Carter Zinniel
Emma Bresin ~ age 10
Madison Lyon ~ age 4
Brenna Hatfield ~ age 13


Dylan Minke ~ age 10
Colton Goodman ~ age 10
Anna Goodman ~ age 6
Jordan Fluery ~ age 8
Brianna Lee ~ age 3
Garrett Lee ~ age 7

Ann Ringgenberg is from Monticello, MN.
She got Snicker Snack & Pumpkin!
She teaches 1st grade.  Her entire class
colored a page and Ann brought them to us.

to see them all!!!
Sarah Evens ~ age 6

Serena Jewison ~ age 8


Garrett Lee ~ age 7
Kaitlyn Johnson ~ age 13
Brittany Johnson

John Lee ~ age 7

Kyle Knofczynski ~ age 9
Serena Jewison
Kacy Knofczynski ~ age 6
Dominic Kopp ~ age 6