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Meet "Christie Jo Hunter".  We call her Christie Jo.  She has a motor in her that never stops running.  She is now referred to as "Christie Go Go".  They way she jumps while she is running, we should have named her "Tigger".  When she finally tires out, she loves to snuggle and loves everybody.

Christie is a black/white & tan tri-color with both liver and black ticking and is a beautiful girl. 

She hunted for the 1st time in the fall of 2009.

Christie is a little shorter than the breed standard, however she is solid at 42 lbs.

Christie Jo was born on August 14, 2007.

Christie Jo's 6th Litter

The things women will due to a sleeping puppy!

Carlee & Christie Jo

Christie Jo is barking up some roosters as a puppy.

Christie Jo is out supporting our troops and is taking a break on a walkathon.