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The English Springer Spaniel is a friendly, lively, loveable, outgoing, medium-sized breed.  Springers enjoy children and adults alike and do best in a household
situation when properly trained and socialized.  The English Springer is typically eager to please, quick to learn, and willing to obey.
The Springer's intelligence and agility, paired with its beauty, loyalty and trustworthiness make this breed one of the most desired.
It is also an excellent upland bird dog and early season waterfowl.

We have 4 female Springers and 1 male.  We are currently having about 1 litter per year.

Carlee and Tom here at Springers Forever would like to thank
everyone of you, who added to their families from our last litter!

Our latest artist Josie, picked up her new puppy, and colored
us a page while she was here.

Julia & Ryan have 2 of our pups.
Ruby and Patch are out for a boat ride.

Jay Shellberg took his oldest son out on his 1st pheasant hunt with Allie.  Pictures say it all!

We took our "Girls" to a professional photographer.  This is how it turned out.
Click on each photo to view.


Tom and Carlee with "The Girls" and our little friends.

Springers Forever has a
Coloring Contest
for all dog lovers!
Check it out!!!

Our latest entry is from Madison Lyon, age 7

Dirty Trucks + Lonely Wives = Happy Springers!

Chewbacca & Tom out in South Dakota.

Can you count 15 puppies?
Just like all brothers, sisters, & cousins,
they play and sleep together.
These 2 litters belonged to Laci & Luie
& were born in Nov of 2006.

I may have 99 problems,
but my Springer isn't one of them.

Tom, Laci, & Chewbacca with their
3 bird limit in Iowa

This is Zach Lee & Tripp from Hibbing, MN.
They both just got their 1st grouse!!!

Christie Jo gets her first introduction to roosters!

Check out lots of photos and letters
from our puppies new owners.

Photo Page 1   
 Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3     Photo Page 4

This is Carlee's Grandfather's barn door.
Carlee saw a photo in a Pheasants Forever magazine and we came up with this decorating idea for our dinning room.

Watch Parker in a video,
show no respect for his pee pad.

Watch Kensie celebrate her
1st birthday with her sister Bailey.

These are FUNNY!

Puppies are like children.
You will get out of them,
what you put into them.
Spend time and train both!!!


Tom, Laci, & Chewy never stay home!

Chewy always has roosters on the brain!


He wants you to slap high 5's with him

"Shag carpet may be ugly,
but it's mighty absorbent!"


Our puppies are guaranteed to:

Lick your face
Pull on your shoestrings
Bite your fingers
Jump on you
Love you without question
Roll in something disgusting
Then lick your face again
Get dirty
Love to cuddle
Love to chase tennis balls
Be a great family pet
To look and act adorable
To try to get by with something
Love bones and rawhide chews
Love to have their bellies rubbed
Take all of the bed (if you let them)
Beg for attention


We challenge anyone to go to this site and read some of the stories about the springers that have been rescued, and are looking for new homes, and not shed a tear.  If you have room in your heart and home, or know someone who does, please, consider giving one of these dogs a loving home.